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Playlists created by DJs and licensed for retail.  NodaMusic is suitable for all businesses, institutions and individuals.

First month FREE
R199 per month thereafter

  • Skip or download tracks
  • Make your own playlists
  • No interrupting advertisements


If you like the first few tracks of a playlist, chances are good you will love the rest. The ethos behind Noda Music is that each playlist has a psychological feel that runs through the entire playlist of music.

The smart rotation maximises the listenability with fewer repeats. User interaction allows you to skip as many times as you want, select all or certain tracks to be downloaded and music is available for offline playback. Or just make your own playlists from the Noda Music library. 

Noda will never play adverts between your songs. Your first month is on us and thereafter R199/user. Once you have logged on and created an account, plug your phone into your amplifier and just let the music play.

Royalty Free Music for Retailers

NODA royalty free playlists are a first for the South African retail music environment, featuring two genres, namely adult contemporary and pop. These playlists do not require additional licenses from bodies such as SAMRO and SAMPRA.

Playlists are compiled by our DJ Team using an international supplier.

The biggest problem with the existing retail music market is relevance of the actual music within the playlist. For example, Spotify’s MD Claudius Boller said “Spotify’s ambition is really to bring music to everyone, and we need to be 100% locally relevant with our consumer offering”.

Spotify and the likes of its competitor, iTunes Music, Joox, Google and YouTube all have massive libraries with over 1,2 million songs available.

Noda is “Made and Licensed for Retail” and this is where the advantage comes in. Retailers in South Africa want music in their shops. Whilst most have an idea of what they like or believe works, they all seem to know what does not work according to them.

This is where Noda wins hands down. A number of select, couture playlists, made by a skilled team of DJs making sure every song in the playlist is relevant to the title of the playlist and similar in feeling to all the other songs chosen in that playlist.

These playlists are made available on the app allowing the user to choose. Users can download the songs to a handset, leaving off the tracks they don’t personally like.  Users can skip between playlists to give them a different feeling across their days and weeks of trade.

No restrictions.

Skip as many times as you want, no adverts in between songs. Just press play.

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